Welcome to Dunedin Casino

Located in the heart of New Zealand’s Otago region, the Dunedin Casino offers an unparalleled gaming experience, blending historic charm and modern luxury. Nestled within the Southern Cross Hotel, it’s not just a place to test your luck but also a venue rich with success stories and unforgettable moments.

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Success Stories from the Gaming Floor

The Million-Dollar Man

One of Dunedin Casino’s most exhilarating moments occurred when a local real estate agent struck gold at the roulette table. Betting on his lucky number, he watched in awe as the wheel landed on 17, securing him a whopping sum of over a million New Zealand dollars.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes; it felt surreal!” he recounted later. “Dunedin Casino changed my life in an instant.” – Michael S.

The Blackjack Pro

Another phenomenal story features a university student who amassed a small fortune from blackjack. Initially coming in with just fifty dollars to unwind, his strategic play and sharp instincts saw him walking away with nearly ,000.

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“It started as a bit of fun to de-stress from exams, but it turned into an amazing windfall. I was able to pay off my student loans and save for my first house.” – Jessica L.

Dunedin Casino in the Community

While the casino provides a world-class gaming experience, its impact runs deeper within the Dunedin community.

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  • Employment Opportunities: The casino is a significant employer in the region, offering various jobs from hospitality to security.
  • Charity Events: Hosting charity nights and community fundraisers, Dunedin Casino plays a pivotal role in supporting local causes.
  • Tourist Attraction: Its blend of historical elements and gaming attractions makes Dunedin Casino a must-visit for tourists, boosting the local economy.


From life-changing winnings to significant community contributions, Dunedin Casino stands out as much more than just a gaming venue. It represents a beacon of opportunity, excitement, and generosity in the heart of Dunedin.

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Discover More

Want to learn more about this wonderful destination? Visit the Dunedin Casino website to explore all that this fantastic venue has to offer.

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a curious tourist, the stories, excitement, and community spirit found at Dunedin Casino make it a unique spot worthy of any visit.

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