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Month: May 2020

Positivity = productivity

Yes! A more positive corporate culture equals more productivity in the workplace. This is backed by science and research, which shows how environments with high disengaged employees can be very costly to the organization.

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Return to work checklist

Since reopening the economy is imminent sooner than later, offices and organizations are preparing their spaces and their teams to go back to work. Here is a compilation of steps to follow and a checklist to return to the workplace.

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The impact of #WFH on our mental health

Have you noticed a change in your mental health now that you work from home? Are your teams more stressed or less productive?
Are you employees battling feelings of isolation?

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2020 HR trends in Employee Data Analysis

Welcome to 2020! Everyone is waiting for the flying cars we saw in the movies and the robots taking over the world right?

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Remote teams and how Moodbit can help

Since the start of the pandemic, a large number of companies, organizations, and individuals have seen a big shift in their daily lifestyle. One big change has been the way we work.

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