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Month: July 2021

Employee Burnout During COVID-19 – How To Deal With t?

It used to be that working from home in pajamas and cozy clothes was the real perk of working from home. The thought of cuddling with your pet while on a work call sounded wonderful. But lurking in the midst of working from home is a harmful topic, employee burnout.

Employee engagement in the era of “Post-Covid”

Employee engagement is one of the key elements of creating a successful business. However getting employee engagement is not easy to achieve. Recent studies show that only 15% of employees are engaged in their work. This points out some serious problems in the modern workplace

Before we delve into the recent workplace statistics, let us take a look at what employee engagement or worker engagement is. 

People Analytics & Its Impact On Strategy & Growth

Data-driven information is playing a vital role in every sector of organizations including Human Resources. The use of technology and its advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Cloud-based HR systems, and Advanced Analytics have played a vital role in transforming business shape and style. But when we discuss HR, it’s People Analytics that affects the day-to-day decisions.

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